History of Online Gambling

Online Gambling has actually been around a lot longer than you may have first thought. Microgaming created the world’s first true online casino back in 1994 called [The] Gaming Club Casino and this impressive site is still around to this day. In fact, you can find a review for the world’s oldest online casino with some exclusive bonuses right here on this site.

Online poker sites and online sportsbetting sites have also been around for just as long, but these sites all looked very different back then to how they do today. The software is constantly evolving and this means that the games are forever changing & improving, but the sites are also constantly getting a makeover.

For example, Gaming Club Casino looks nothing like it did 20 years ago, but it is still powered by the same software, it is still licensed by the same authority and it is still controlled by a reputable operator which has a proven track record within the online gambling industry. The major things that have changed over the years have included the appearance and the technology.

Even some of the games are still going strong and are just as popular today as they were when they first appeared online. Some of these famous titles include Progressive Jackpot Pokies such as Major Millions, Cash Splash and Mega Moolah (which first appeared online in 2006).

The newer games that have arrived since 2010 look nothing like the older games. They are far more advanced in terms of graphics, sound effects and in-play animations and they have constantly evolved as the technology has improved. So whether you are looking for a traditional game or for something ultra-modern, you can find it all at any Microgaming powered casino.

There were very few payment methods around back in the day, but this has also changed in recent times. There are now literally hundreds of different reliable online casino payment solutions available for New Zealand players and they are all pretty much free to use. Most of these methods allow you to deposit AND withdraw, but some of them will only allow you to deposit.

If you visited an online casino a long time ago but it never really appealed to you at the time, perhaps you should try again because they have changed a great deal in recent times. Most of today’s online casinos have hundreds of stunning games for you to enjoy, as well as live dealer games and they are basically far more exciting than ever before.