Fairness of Online Pokies

When playing in a fully licensed online casino which is powered by Microgaming software, you never need to doubt the fairness of the online pokies because the software is constantly being tested and monitored to prove that the outcomes which they are producing are in fact random outcomes.

A Random Number Generator produces the results which are based on a totally random mathematical algorithm. In other words, the pokies are about as realistic as they can be in terms of how random each spin is. It is very unlikely that an online casino RNG will be faulty in any way, unless you happen to have found yourself a rogue online casino which has tampered with its software to produce less than fair results.

Although the reels on a pokie may look like they are spinning, it is just an illusion which has been created to give players the most realistic experience, but the results are still as fair as can be. Online pokies are constantly tested by independent auditors to make sure that casinos are playing fair, so you really don’t have anything to worry about. However, if you do happen to spot something suspicious, the best thing to do would be to report your findings to the casino support.

Microgaming casinos are generally monitored by a reputable London based online casino testing agency called eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) and this non-profit organisation basically monitors the outcomes of the games so that you don’t have to. They calculate on average how much each game is paying back to the players.

This information is known as the Return To Player payout percentage rate (aka RTP % rate) and although these results are likely to vary somewhat through the year, the average monthly results usually won’t change by much. Let’s just say that a Progressive Jackpot Pokie from Microgaming called Mega Moolah has an average 96.50 RTP%.

This basically means that from all of the wagers spent on this particular game over a one month period, 96.50% will be returned to players as winnings and the casino will keep 3.50% as profit. In other words, if players spend NZ$5,000,000 on Mega Moolah in one month, the players will receive back on average NZ$4,825,000 and the casino will keep NAZ$175,000.

Most online pokies today have an average RTP % which floats somewhere between 93.50% and 98.50%. You can check this information out by clicking on the eCOGRA logo when you next visit a secure eCOGRA-approved NZ online casino.

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