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The Internet is a vast and complex world that embraces constant change--even the most experienced web users have questions about it! Get the most insightful replies to your queries here, from Kiwi’s panel of professional web safety experts.

Doreen Nicastro

Social Media Stategist & Networlding Facilitator

Doreen Nicastro is the CEO of Nicastro Consultants and a certified Networdling Facilitator and Licensee of Networlding.

Doreen earned certification in Social Media Marketing, and also holds a Masters in Public Health. Recently, she has turned her attention to working with individuals, parents, organizations and companies designing and creating strong social media and networking practices, policies and professional profiles. Doreen also conducts boot camps, workshops and webinars on social media strategy for websites including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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Andrea Weiner (Dr. Andie)

Child & Family Relationship Expert

Dr. Andrea “Andie” Weiner’s research concentrates on children’s social and emotional skill development. As the founder of Emotionally Smart Beginnings, she produces educational products for children and parents that cover topics from making friends to how to read emotional cues.

Dr. Andie works in schools presenting self-esteem projects as well as coaching teachers on using new innovative strategies addressing social skills for students. Her multiple careers, as child therapist, psycho-educational specialist, business executive, mother, grandmother and as an author and lecturer, has enabled her to develop a wealth of experience and insight on how social and emotional skills can create lifelong benefits.

She is also the author of The Best Investment: Unlocking the Secrets of Social Success for Your Child (2009) and More Than Saying I Love You: 4 Powerful Steps that Help Children Love Themselves (2011).

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Dr. Karen Rayne

Adolescent Sexuality Expert & Middle School Teacher

Dr. Karen Rayne is an adolescent sexuality researcher who works with schools, churches and families to provide various strategies for delivering effective, age-appropriate sex education to young people of various ages. Her classes and parent consultations center on relationship building and establishing trust and open communication regarding issues of sex and sexuality. In addition to dealing with topics such as gender identity, body image and contraception, much of Dr. Karen’s work involves addressing the positive and negative aspects of using social media to explore adolescent sexuality.

Currently, Dr. Karen is in the process of writing a book for parents on how to approach their teenagers about sex and sexuality.

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Kevin Roberts

Internet and Gaming Addiction Expert

Kevin Roberts, M.A., is a recovering video game addict and ADHD adult. Roberts runs support groups to help gaming addicts who struggle to get their lives back on track. His background is in education, and for the last eleven years he has been an academic coach, helping folks dealing with ADHD and other learning differences succeed in school and life. He speaks around the country about video game addiction and ADHD, and is the author of Cyber Junkie: Escape the Internet and Gaming Trap. He has trained therapists, physicians, nurses, teachers, parents, and school administrators on the perils of the Internet and video games.

Roberts is the co-founder, board member, and curriculum developer of The EmpowerADD Project (, a non-profit organization that supports ADHD young adults into lives of successful purpose. His second book, on ADHD, will be released May 2012.

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