Blood and Gore on Facebook

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blood and gore on facebook

Facebook is a target for hackers. Maybe the target for hackers. Every single day, according to the site, Facebook is attacked by outside sources with negative intent. How many times per day? Try 600,000. For the world’s top social media website, this has become a problem.

The latest offensive, which appears to be another coordinated plot, has users complaining that their Facebook timelines have been flooded by graphic images of violent gore and explicit pornography. First thing in the morning, that kind of material is extremely difficult for anyone to ‘like’.

According to Violet Blue of ZD Net, “A linkspam virus with the usual bait–Kim Kardashian, etc.–is luring users into clicking media-rich links, now more available thanks to Facebook’s recent timeline upgrades. Once clicked, their feeds become vectors for images containing hardcore sex, extreme violence, gore and death.”

Many are wondering if Anonymous, the infamous collection of international hackers, is behind this latest cyber-sabotage. After all, it wasn’t long ago that the organization was threatening to target Facebook for a variety of reasons.  Regardless, whomever has Facebook in their sights this time around–whether it’s Anonymous or some other group–scored a direct hit.

Violet Blue writes, “On Twitter, Facebook users are venting no small amount of disgust–not necessarily at the porn, but most certainly at the bashed-in heads of corpses, photos of dead babies and animals, and yes, the overlarge penises and graphic scenes of penetration that have flooded streams.”

Sample reactions on Twitter (and elsewhere online), according to The Huffington Post:

  • “Since when did Facebook become a porn site? I’m so close to closing my account.”
  • “It’s like a demon hacked into everybody’s Facebook.”
  • “My feed is littered with porn. I can’t even check my news feed with anyone around because of it. Just saw one with a guy who had his skull bashed in and his brains on the street … I’m about ready to deactivate…”

Facebook has not yet commented on this latest hack. But the ease with which social media sites like it can be infiltrated is sobering to users of all ages. Parents in particular need to be cognizant of where their children go online, so they can put these kinds of images into a larger context if their kids happen to encounter disturbing material such as this while they browse online.


Talk To Us! Do these attacks make you anxious? Will you allow your children to join social media sites like Facebook?


Image: Hacker Courses