Kiwi Filter: The Open Beta is Here!

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Kiwi FilterIt is with great pleasure and excitement that Kiwi is announcing the open beta launch of Kiwi Filter, our new whitelist filtering software. Instead of letting a software program decide whether a website is appropriate or not, Kiwi Filter lets parents approve websites for their child’s networks.

“Web content and traffic filters normally use a blacklisting process, which means that they block websites based on a random list of IP addresses,” explains Kiwi spokesperson Amy DeCorte. “Kiwi Filter, on the other hand, uses whitelisting, which means that it filters the Internet in its entirety except for approved websites. This makes a lot of sense for younger children because it prevents unnecessary distractions and even the need to browse online.”

The process used by Kiwi Filter for website approval is based on a voting system. So a network of the child’s teachers, family members, and other grownups vote on websites they believe can benefit a child’s development.

The takeaway: Kiwi Filter enables parents to approve websites in individually customized safe lists through unique whitelist filtering software. Website approval within the safe lists is based on a voting system that allows parents, teachers and community members to vote on sites they deem appropriate and safe for children.

Please try out our Kiwi Filter open beta at today.

And let us know what you think! We value your interest and your input.

– Team Kiwi