Best Math Websites for Kids


best websites for teaching math

Yesterday on Kiwi Blog we celebrated the Internet’s top reading-focused educational websites for kids, based on the expertise of Jessica Manger, elementary school teacher and contributor to Today we’re going to bring you the very best the web has to offer…mathematically speaking.

Teaching anything to children online can be a challenge, but engaging young people enough to improve their math scores is a real accomplishment. Here are some outstanding math-based websites that truly make the grade.


“An all-around great site that focuses on English, science, and math is Bitesize. Children from 2nd grade up looking for math assistance can choose from such topics as ‘Numbers,’ ‘Shapes,’ ‘Space,’ ‘Measures’ and ‘Handling Data,’” writes Ms. Manger. Each of the site’s games comes with detailed step-by-step lessons that can be read online or printed out. The games can be played on a full-screen for maximum absorption and are said to be fun and have excellent graphics. Ms. Manger likes one game, called ‘Questionaut’, in particular. The game takes users through imaginative, enchanting worlds featuring great visuals while peppering them with questions about math and science. Try it here!

Arcademic Skill Builders

A website created for children in the 2nd grade and up, Arcademic Skill Builders uses an arcade-like video game design to focus on math basics, integers, decimals, money, fractions and time. Writes Ms. Manger of the site, “To encourage some healthy competition, your child can choose to either play with other people online, or practice their skills alone. Because there is no real interaction between the gamers, it is completely safe.”

After young players beat various levels of each game, parents have the opportunity to check out their scores and monitor the child’s progress. The results are even available in graph form, for parents who are sticklers about following their child’s learning curve.

Academic Skills Builder


Based on PBS’s popular cartoon series, “Cyberchase,” this site has students from 3rd grade and up working on their math and problem-solving skills. Your child will get to practice basic math facts, geometry, measurement and algebra while solving real-world issues,” writes Ms. Manger of Cyberchase.

The site features a page called “Parents & Teachers” which helps grownups make appropriate game choices for the child or student in question. It gives a summary of the game and the math topic being covered. A section called “Quest,” will lead your child’s avatar through an online quest. On the quest, kids can obtain awards and various items to decorate their ‘cyberhome’. Try it out here!

It turns out there are plenty of worthwhile educational websites on the Internet for kids. Stick with Kiwi Blog and we’ll help you keep up to date on the ever-changing web!