The Jessie Walkup Story: Closure


Jessie Walkup became victim to cyberbullying when a Facebook hate page was made about her.

Last week Kiwi Blog received a lot of attention. We experienced a dramatic spike in readership but it wasn’t over a hot tech trend, the latest iPhone rumor or the fact that our website is newly redesigned. It was over a story about a girl from Kentucky named Jessie.

We first noticed Jessie Walkup after we stumbled upon one of her videos on YouTube. On cam, Jessie lamented over a Facebook hate page that had been put up targeting only her. Please read the full story and interview here.

Then a lot of stuff happened.

Accusations were made, Jessie was vilified by some and strongly defended by others. Had she put the page up herself seeking attention? Was she being targeted by a jealous competitor in the site modelling industry? Why wasn’t Facebook standing by its own policies and taking it down? Many questions were raised but the answers remained unclear. Please read the follow-up story here.Kiwi now presents its final interview with Jessie. We wanted to know how she would react to the news that Facebook had removed the controversial page in question. We wanted to know how Jessie, a sensitive person, was doing with all this attention focused entirely on her.

Like Jessie, we wanted closure.

The ‘Weight Weekly’ hate page on Facebook, which targeted you specifically, has been taken down. How does that make you feel?

It makes me feel very, very, very happy and excited! So now, hopefully, people will actually believe me when I tell them that I would never make that page…because I never did! So now that it got taken down I’m hoping that people will start to change their minds and that they believe me.

Why do you think Facebook took as long as it did to remove the page?

I’m guessing they had got so many reports and just wanted to be slow about it I guess, honestly I don’t know. It’s like, the first time the page was up I didn’t know about it until somebody told me. And then I got my friends to report it and it was taken down in less than 6 hours. Then it was put back up again but it took like almost a week before it was taken down. And I don’t know why that was the case, I honestly don’t know why.

As you know, Shannon Armstrong was the subject of the update to your original interview. She accused you of putting up the Weight Weekly hate page yourself. We’ve since been unable to reach her, despite our efforts. Do you feel Shannon had some kind of agenda by accusing you of lying?

Some girl named Scilla Vonna Narriott was the girl who put that page up. When that Shannon girl accused me of putting it up myself it upset me because I’m tired of people blaming me for stuff that I didn’t do. I don’t understand how it would come from my IP address, how it was linked. Because I checked my profile myself and I saw nowhere where it was linked to my account. So people who accuse me of lying need to get their facts straight before accusing me of something!

We read disturbing posts on your Facebook page after the update to your interview broke. Were you ever in serious danger? How hard did you take being accused of lying?

I didn’t hurt myself, I was just very upset about the accusations. I went to my friend’s for a couple of days to blow off steam, get away from things for a while, get away from the Internet. And I felt better, but last night because it was stressing me out over the hate page..I was depressed last night, I woke my mom up, she took me to the emergency room and they kept me there until I got sober. I’m sober, I didn’t hurt myself or nothing. But they did diagnose me with alcohol abuse, mental health problems, depression and suicidal thoughts.

But since last night I’m better and I feel a lot better about myself. I just suffer from low self-esteem issues, so…

What have you learned from this experience? Has any good come from it?

Yeah it has. It made me realize who my true friends are. You know, when I got accused of putting the page up some believed Facebook, and some believed me. So it made me realize that I got friends who are my true friends and I got friends who are only my friends on Facebook.

Will you use social media differently from now on?

Yes. I changed my profile so that my friends can only view what I put up there. I’m still gonna use Facebook but I’m gonna watch what I post.

Do you think Internet safety sites can help others in similar situations?

I felt Kiwi Commons was helpful because they took the time to help me get that page taken down. I’m just glad that you guys got to help. And sorry for scaring you guys, saying I would kill myself. I would never do that!

Do you have any final words of advice for those who have experienced hate online?

Get local authorities’ help, get your friends’ help, get your parents, get a trusted adult!

Thank you Amy for helping me, thank you Howie for staying in contact with me and helping me get that page taken down and thank you everybody for believing me and not Facebook!

  • Kevin Roberts

    As the author of Cyber Junkie: Escape the Gaming and Internet Trap, I am very tuned in to these issues. Jesse, I honor you and your loved ones for taking action. FACEBOOK, THANK YOU! You showed responsibility and decisiveness.

    Kevin Roberts

    • jessie walkup

      thank you kevin

  • Alexis-Jazmine Hollis

    All i really have to say is that im happy that the page is down. Jessie didn’t deserve any of tat, and she never will. Shes a beautiful young woman, who needs to be showed a lot more respect. I found it VERY immature how people accused her of making this page.
    Loveyou Jessieee. <3

    love Lexii.

    • jessie walkup

      i love you tooo alexis <3

  • LexyeEdwards<3

    Jessie I LOVE YOU I am so proud of you for staying strong. <3

    • jessie walkup

      i love you too Lexye <3

  • Jezzikah

    Jessie, I love you and I’m so glad that page is down. I never once thought you made it and I will defend you again if it ever happens. You are a wonderful person. I’m lucky to have you as a friend!!!!!!

  • jb

    Thanks to kiwicommons and Amy for getting it taken down! I love you Jessie :)

  • Munchkin3783

    Well, this Shannon girl was never called emailed or anything by kiwi commons. So depite whatever efforts you have made to get ahold of me you have not utilized the best two ways. I am glad the page is down, but I went off of what I had gotten from facebook. My ONLY “agenda” was to get the whole truth. I am glad it is done and I am glad jessie is seeking help. She obviously has many supporters from the death threats I got via facebook friends of hers for posting what I knew of the situation that was unfolding. I merely took up a cause and sought out answers. The answers I recieved may not have been what anyone liked to hear, but it is what I was given. I do not apologize for trying to find the truth and I do not apoligize for my actions. I do wish Jessie the best and glad she got the answers she sought out. Again, many people read my email from facebook and saw just what I did in the email. I was not attacking someone that I took up for and led several of my groups to get involved in. I am glad that I have been vilified in some form or fashion. Everyone remembers the villians I suppose. I do wish you all the best, but if you would like to talk to me you have my email and phone number. I await your contact as you have not done that since the first and ONLY phone call.

    That Shannon Girl

    • Amy

      Hi Shannon,
      We have sent you two emails today in regards to this message without any response – maybe it’s going to your spam? – as well as forwarded the emails we’ve sent previously, including Facebook messages. Could you please let us know that you received them?

      • Munchkin3783

        I just got and responded to your emails. I have nothing in my facebook and I keep up with that religiously as I have several groups I am apart of. I am not sure where the break down in communication is, but apparently it is on your end because it damn sure is not making it to mine. Have a great day and good luck in your future endeavors.