Computer Threats: Companies and Governments Targeted

Internet Safety
Companies and governments are the latest targets of cyber attacks.
The fact that there are people and organizations out there who mean to hack into your computer, steal your data and invade your privacy isn’t comforting. The repercussions of a cyber-invasion are too painful for many to contemplate. After all, we live so much of our lives online these days.

Nevertheless, there has been yet another wake-up call that makes ignoring the very real threat of computer piracy and sabotage increasingly difficult to do.According to a report from the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, “The impact has increased in magnitude, and the potential for catastrophic collapse of a company has grown,” said the report to be released later this month. The document expresses open concern that many of today’s businesses may not understand and accept the magnitude of the threat.

The report suggests that Internet security experts are more convinced than ever the U.S. is not ready for a cyber-attack, be it on business or government institutions. It warns that because the country has outsourced so much of the design and maintenance of its computer technology, it has become easier for adversaries to introduce themselves into and poison the supply chain.

To quote the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, “The present situation is as dangerous as if the United States decided to outsource the design of bridges, electrical grids, and other physical infrastructure to the Soviet Union during the Cold War.”

When it comes to hacking and cyber-attacks, the main thing is to ensure that you’re protected, whether you’re a private individual, a business or even a public institution. According to this latest report, everyone is vulnerable. A scary thought, but remember: forewarned is forearmed!

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Image source: Governify