Kiwi Seminars Kicks Off the New School Year

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Kiwi Seminars Kicks Off Back-to-School

This is a guest post from Ryan Moreau, President of Kiwi Seminars.

With school back in session, parents, students and teachers are all shifting from rest and relaxation to learning and routine. Online activities will be making this shift as well, but risks about our online lives still remain the same.

This school year, Kiwi Seminars will be bringing our workshops back into schools and communities to teach both parents and students about the risks involved with daily use of the Internet and the proper precautions to take when surfing online.

The seminars are a way for teachers to learn how to tackle the hard issues that confront students and classrooms every day.  Presentations for students focus on how to use the Internet safely and responsibly to help make our lives better and make learning fun, while avoiding online risks.

In the upcoming school year, we are hoping to conduct more workshops with parent groups in different communities. These presentations empower parents through knowledge and teach the real risks on the Internet while not indulging in media hype. Topics covered will include tips on how to protect ourselves, while teaching our children how to be safe and how to use the World Wide Web responsibly.

In addition to the community and school presentations, we will also be participating at a number of conferences in the coming months. I’ll keep Kiwi readers posted with all the details. If you are interested in having Kiwi speak at an event, you can email me at

To find out more about our presentations and the topics we cover, visit


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