The Jessie Walkup Story: UPDATE

Weight Weekly Hate Page

Breaking News: Jessie Walkup threatens suicide on her personal Facebook page. The police in her hometown have been informed and are responding to the situation. Updates forthcoming…

At the Kiwi offices this afternoon we received a voice-mail from a woman named Shannon Armstrong. Her message was filled with emotion and what she said frankly stopped us in our tracks.

The Texas woman first heard about Jessie Walkup’s Facebook hate page, entitled ‘Weight Weekly’, through a friend. The hate page, as we first blogged about here, has been focused exclusively on attacking 23 year-old Kentucky resident Jessie Walkup based on her status as a plus-sized woman.

Shannon, who had struggled with her own weight issues in the past, wanted to do something to help someone she felt was an innocent victim of hate. Affiliated with Guardians of the Children, a national group that helps survivors of child abuse, Shannon claims she inspired hundreds of people to become involved in a grassroots campaign to force Facebook to take down the hate-filled site.

Outraged on behalf of Jessie, Shannon emailed Facebook and informed them that they would be legally responsible if the page was not removed immediately. Jessie appeared to be suicidal, another reason Shannon felt compelled to help.

In less than 24 hours, Facebook emailed Shannon back explaining that there was nothing they could do about the page because it was in fact linked to Jessie’s own Facebook profile and came from her IP address.*

When Kiwi first came across Jessie’s seemingly heartfelt YouTube videos describing her plight we felt great sympathy for her and knew immediately that she had an important story to tell. A story about the darker side of social media.

Needless to say, this latest turn of events has come as a profound surprise to the staff at Kiwi and we are currently doing everything we can to uncover the truth behind the story as it continues to develop…

*Note: By the time we posted the original blog post on Jessie Walkup, Facebook had not responded to our queries regarding the Weight Weekly page controversy.

  • jb

    I think u need to find the truth quickly cuz i know jessie and she would not create that page on herself. If it is in fact true its linked to her ip address then her personal property has been compromised. find out the facts why would facebook tell this shannon person that its linked to jessies computer but yet that wont respond to jessie emails about the page. This makes NO sense. This article is making people believe jessie did this to herself when she has NOT This is why people cant trust the media

  • Munchkin3783

    Information was based off of an email received from facebook, on facebook. I fwd that info to kiwicommons. I understand people would be upset, but I can only post the facts I have. If indeed this is not the case then I will be trully sorry, but I have done this sort of thing many times before and have had several hate pages deleted within hours and this one hasn’t been deleted since august 10th. I know over 100 people who say they reported this page and it was not taken down yet me and one other person have reported a page and it was down within hours. I am sorry that this is upsetting everyone, but again only the information given can be submitted.

  • Kygirl1970

    i am jessie’s mom and can tell you she is fine ,she is upset that ppl are accusing her of doing this page herself and i can tell you she never did that , why is it that facebook email a stranger but not the person who you are accusing of doing this, but again jessie is sitting here by me now and has not done anything nore is she planning on hurting herself

  • jb

    Ive seen your proof and it does not in fact prove jessie did anything. It proves that facebook didnt violate any laws. If a person copies of picture from someones facebook account to their computer they can then create a facebook of whatever kind and post that picture from there computer as their own so because the pictures on the hate page are of jessie they believe there is nothing they can do because the operator of the page posted them as there own even though though the real operator is not in the picture. Its hard to believe that your source and u dont realize this yourselfs. I have seen people get hacked plenty of times and some people dont understand facebooks privacy features so it is farely easy to get away with things. I think u should take down both your articles

  • Jessica Short

    The facebook message used for this article does not state that any there is any connection to an ip address

  • Munchkin3783

    Well I am very happy she is not planning on hurting herself, but as I have stated before I have done this several times and I have never had a page stay up this long with so many people reporting it. I am sorry that Jess is not getting responses, but do a little research ont he web and you can get not only an email adress but a mailing address and phone number from facebook. I have reported a page with me and one other person and it was down in less then 6 hours. So for this one not to come down it seems funny. Then facerbook says it is linked to Jess’s page, funny again. Now that I am saying something about what Facebook tells me I am blocked fromt he page. That just seems very odd that the person who created it would kick me off the page as well as the other girl if it weren’t Jess. The person who created would love that we were making “trouble” for Jess if this were their page. Just to many odd things to make me think otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    I am glad to hear that Jessie is doing OK. Still none the less whether Jessie created the page or not…I have seen her videos on YouTube and she needs help. She does not appear to be handling the stress all that well. Understandably so though, CyberBullying is a 24/7 relentless attach on an individual. If Jessie did create the page then that is a definite cry for help. Whether it’s a small cry or a big cry for help Jessie needs to get it. Don’t let her become a casualty of CyberBullying.

  • jb

    i just spoke to jesse and she has moved to an area where is she without internet acces and i spoke to her yesterday when she deactived all of her accounts during which the page in question was still active.She had nothing to do with anyone who has been blocked from that page. Obviously the creator of the page has done so because they can see people actually care about having it taken down. You can believe what you want but there is no way that jessie is the creator of that page.Im giving jesse’s mother facebook headquarters information so that they can pursue the matter further.

    • Caroline Larson

      I am glad she’s moved to a safe place. But none of her accounts are deactivated though and she has very clearly been online approving friends and such. Also the people saying she’s the one who made the page have all been blocked from the page which just seems odd don’t you think?

      • jb

        no i dont because the person who created can clearly tell people are trying to find out who she is to get her in trouble.. And jesse was no where near an internet connection when those two people were blocked. No her accounts arent deactivated at this time but they were and the page was still active and jesses account information does not show that page being linked to her accounts i dont care what facebook said and still believe that what they said does not mean she had anything to do with it.
        And her actualy friends and family know they she didnt do regardless of whatever others say or believe

        • Caroline Larson

          Look, I’m not trying to start anything with you. I can see you’re very defensive of Jessie which is great. I’m just fascinated by this whole story and wish to learn the whole truth about it – whether or not that means Jessie did it or not, I think the story is going to be interesting.

          I’ve noticed her accounts today are taken down, however they were never taken down for more than 30 minutes (last Friday). I just think that if you’re going to argue on her behalf, just make sure you have all your facts straight as well – just like you tell everyone else.

          I’m glad she’s safe and sound and there are so many people that love and support Jessie. This is great news in fact. I just hope the truth comes out soon and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out! Clearly someone is lying, wouldn’t it be crazy if it turned out to be Facebook who was wrong?!

          • jb

            My facts are fine because i actually know her.. so nice your so entertained by it. honestly they need to just delete both the update and the story cuz i didnt do anything good for anyone

          • jb

            I dont believe u actually no the amount of time she deactivated her accounts which she only did because of what facebook said and didnt do any good. Highly doubt there will be anymore updates on this story

          • jb

            seriously doubt facebook will admit they are wrong they only responded to a legal threat

          • Caroline Larson

            So everyone should send an email with a legal threat – that would certainly get their attention :)

          • Caroline Larson

            After reading Jessie’s story, I started paying attention to what was going on on Facebook. I was saddened to see Jessie go offline after her comments, but extremely happy when I checked back in with the Kiwi Commons team and they informed me she was back online (which was only an hour after she went offline)

          • Caroline Larson

            First of all I never said I was entertained. I said I was fascinated. Jessie’s story drew me in immediately. So to say take it down is the wrong way to look at it. I gave her plight attention and even the follow up could potentially help get Facebook to start looking into what’s going on. This story is important to tell – I only hope that they do an update with all the facts once they know more.

          • Larissa Jerow

            Just so you know, it was thanks to both these articles, and Kiwi Commons persistence that the page has been taken down by Facebook – you may owe them an apology, or at least some gratitude, just sayin

          • jb

            I will not apologize because i dont feel the facts were potrayed to the properly and caused more stress and hurt towards jesse but, I am very thankful that they helped find the truth and get the page taken down. Thank you for finding the truth.

      • jb

        today is first day she has been logged into facebook since friday so she was not in any way able to block anyone at the time those two were blocked

  • Cemmy

    I am a good friend of Jessie’s. i know she did not make the page. i know this bc i was in a chat when the girl who made it admitted to making it the first time it was up. Jessie is a wonderful person and people really need to leave her alone.

  • Jwalkup1988

    im perfectly fine everyone and i did not make that hate page. it is taken down thank Goodness

  • James Wilson

    Somehow I am not surprised she would do this. First off the IP address of both the page and her facebook were the same. This made them linked by facebook. So either someone hacked her facebook and used it to create this or she created it herself in an attempt to get attention. It hard saying which is true. First off let me say I do know her. We were dating until about about a month ago. Things in the final months were not so well. She was constantly moody and unappreciative of anything I did. I couldn’t do anything without her getting mad at me. But I tried to make it work. She broke up with me a few days after she had taken the bus back home. She said she wanted to stay friends. Then I wake up the next day to find she has blocked me. According to my mom and other people she was posting stuff on facebook talking about how I broke her heart and what a horrible relationship it was and other bullcrap. I waited on her hand and foot and did what I could to make her happy. What things did I do wrong? Other then being up late on my pc and not shaving enough, nothing else I can think of. the only reason I was up late on it is cause I had a lot to catch up on online because she would spend the entire day on my pc. So with her spouting crap like that, I can tell she was trying to get people to feel sorry for her. My mom actually posted something on her status sticking up for me. Of course by the time I woke up she had blocked me, my entire family and of course my friends. I never got a message explaining anything at all.

    Some things to know about her. She has a lot of psychological issues. I never faulted her because of them. I loved her despite all that. But in the end I got hurt. Considering what she did after she broke up with me though, I can see her liking it when people feel sorry for her because she likes the attention. I can’t say if she did that with that site. But the IP address thing does kind of point towards that. I hate to think she might have done that because I know deep down she is a good person. But after everything that has happened, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I do hope though that one day she finds happiness.