10 Biggest Internet Safety News Stories of 2010

Internet Safety

It’s the end of the year and to celebrate (and to remind you all of the important Internet safety issues that have arisen this year) we put together our top 10 Internet safety news stories of 2010. See the first five below, and stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of the list!

10. Parental Controls – When Keyword Blocking Goes too Far

Internet parental controls have become almost a necessity in many households and many Internet security suites have jumped on board to give parents a little bit more peace of mind about their kids’ Internet usage. However, one suite, might be taking these controls a little too far.

9. Does Megan Fox’s Super Bowl Ad Glorify Sexting?

In the ad, youth icon Megan Fox sits in a bubble bath, takes a picture of herself and ponders, “I wonder what would happen if I sent this out?” She then imagines an electrician mindlessly dropping his work on a fiery electrical pole to gawk at the picture while sparks fly around him.

8. The Dangers of Online Self-Diagnosis

Over half of teens turn to the Internet to find answers to health-related questions, according to a study by Scarborough Research. And in a recent study by the Pew Internet Project, eight in 10 people use the Internet to look for health information, with only 75 percent verifying the credibility of the source and the date it was created.

7. Cyber Bullying vs. Freedom of Speech – What will the Courts Decide?

A teenage student living in South Florida is taking action against her principal, Peter Bayer, after she was suspended for creating a Facebook page that was criticizing one of her teachers, Sarah Phelps.  A federal judge has ruled that she can proceed with the lawsuit and it looks like Katherine Evans, 19, will be taking the case to court.

6. Should Teachers be “Friends” with their Students Online?

Adults who work with young people often walk a fine line between being friendly and remaining an authority figure. While being liked is important for a positive student-teacher relationship, demarcating clear boundaries and keeping professional distance is required to maintain respect.

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