Does Megan Fox’s Super Bowl Ad Glorify Sexting?


megan fox sexting

In the ad, youth icon Megan Fox sits in a bubble bath, takes a picture of herself and ponders, “I wonder what would happen if I sent this out?” She then imagines an electrician mindlessly dropping his work on a fiery electrical pole to gawk at the picture while sparks fly around him.

Is this Super Bowl 2010 advertisement selling a new cell phone or the idea of sexting?

Kiwi Commons would like to spread the message to youth that sexting isn’t all fun, it’s risky behavior.

Join in the conversation. Ask yourself: Super Bowl ads are known for being racy, but has the 2010 Motorola ad featuring Megan Fox sexting from her bath tub gone too far?  You be the judge!


  • Jess

    This is sexting for sure! Are you kidding me!?!

    The Super Bowl may not be directed at kids, but by using a starlet that kids look up to and watch in movies…they’ll be watching it for sure.

  • Jane

    The repercussions are a lot more than other people getting their faces slapped. In real life Megan Fox would have been saying a lot more than just “oooppps.” Sexts can ruin lives and careers.

    Besides, technology is so awesome these days, why market something that’s not even a real feature people care about?

  • Rosemina

    I definitely think the sexual innuendos in the commercial lead directly to ‘sexting.’ Jess, I agree that kids will definitely be watching this ad and it seems to me that Motorola is making an attempt to become edgy and sexy as they try to appeal to the mass market. Because of the clear sexual messages this ad was sending through the use of an unclothed Megan Fox in a bathtub, I didn’t even realize this was an Motorola mobile ad until the very end. Effective marketing, terrible message.

  • Greg L.

    I love Megan Fox, and she’s hot, but that’s just stupid.

  • Addy

    I get what they’re trying to do, but wouldn’t the message have worked just as well with her in full clothes?

  • Lancelot

    Sexting is a hot trend right now. Celebrity sexting scandals….advertisements….all the media attention, and even electronica songs on sexting….all the frowned-upon, bad publicity and sexting campaigns are adversely promoting the sexting craze as something normal, rebellious, young and fun.

  • Finn

    I think the POPULAR media is making it look fun and disarming sexting of all the serious repercussions or at least watering them down. Also, any bad publicity is good publicity. Since we’re not sweeping sexting under the rug and keeping it hush-hush, I think kids are seeing just how many of their peers are also doing it, which just legitimizes the act for them as common practice. That’s my take on it…

  • Fuwad

    Megan Fox is selling what she can sell best – her bod. She does it in movies (e.g., Jennifer’s Body – wtf was that????) and in ads. This ad is nothing new. Sex sells and i’m sure it will give this new mobile the attention advertisers sought, and a repercussion of it will be girls following in her footsteps, taking pictures of themselves in nothing but a stuffed bra and a pair of uggs…and then sending it to their crushes.

  • Mark’s Mom

    My son nor his friends watch football, but I have a feeling they’ll end up seeing this ad either way. She’s a teen icon, so teens will end up seeing this.

    I think it’s a bad judgment call on the cell phone company’s part. Maybe you can work with them to help spread the true message of sexting. Thanks.

  • Jeffrey Fuller

    I think they are trying to sell a phone through the idea of sexting.

  • Anna Endok

    It’s no worse than how everyone else is selling. What can we do about it

  • Alisa

    I guess Anna, but that doesn’t make it okay.

  • gb12896

    That is marketed to men and kids. No doubt. Megan Fox has a million fan clubs. You’re kidding yourself if you think those are all 30-40 year old super bowl watching fans. Plus all her movies are basically for teens.

    I don’t think there should be a huge backlash though. I just think Motorola needs to do their part by educating kids that that commercial’s outcome isn’t what really happens. In my opinion, sexting is just stupid. But to be neutral, it’s just flat out dangerous. They need to

  • Jack

    C’mon ppl, don’t be prudes!

  • Maddy

    Good luck going up against Motorola and the Super Bowl.

  • Brian

    Taking a head shot of yourself, regardless of whether your starkers or not, is not sexting. It is another case of trying to make something out of nothing.

    Sexting is a huge problem but this ad is not an example of it.

  • leeroy simms

    I disagree. Why not take a head shot of yourself with some clothes on. It’s the context. I bet you if she could get away with showing her “girl friends” off on national television, the commercial might have been different. This is as sexually suggestive as you can get. It suggests sexting in the most implicit way possible.

  • Ryan

    SO WHAT!!!!! This idea of sexting, is not new. I’m 30 and i’ve been doin it for 10 freakin years. Never caused a problem for me or any one else i know. The issue goes back to what should stay personal. Remember those dirty little sex notes, letters and what not from high school?? Some of those were found by parents, school teachers, and peers. Some times read allowed, passed around, and publically posted. It’s NO ONES BUSINESS what another does with their phone. Nor should people be going through it. Anyone willing to breach the realm of someones personal privacy, deserves what they have comming to them for snooping.

  • Brian

    Lots of ‘ifs’ there, and you fail to make your case. The only ‘context’ the recipient has is a head shot, the view the viewer gets isn’t at all sexually suggestive. Do you bathe with your clothing on? The relationship between nude and sex only exists in your prudish mind.

  • Leeroy Sims

    You calling me a prude? First of all, if it was Hillary Duff in a bathtub nude, maybe I wouldn’t be so quick to dub the whole act as perpetrated sexting, but if you actually look at the picture, Megan Fox’s face is saying, “you want some of me?”

    As what Fuwad said above, she sells her sex appeal and her looks to subsist in the public eye. Not her acting. There is a sexual nature to the look she emits with her collagen-injected lip pillows which she pouts all the time. Maybe it’s not x-rated, but it’s there. Look at the clip as a whole, why would the guys in the following scenes be gawking and drooling over her FACE? Clearly there is some sexual suggestiveness in the photo. And the question isn’t, do you bathe with your clothing on? It is, do you bathe, pout your lips, stare into the camera with steamy eyes, take a snapshot and then proceed to send it to your mother?

  • Brian

    Considering I hadn’t heard of Fox until this non-story arrived on the scene and I don’t find Duff at all attractive, there is nothing steamy about any of it. You really read a lot into this, I assure you, it’s not there. Yes, you are a prude and you solidify that with every sentence. You’ve hit rock bottom, stop digging.

  • Leeroy Sims

    Mr. Brian, let’s dig through your comment. Every sentence I say solidifies that I am a prude. So, let’s analyze this – I pretty much said, I do not think sending out sexually charged photos of myself to my own birth mom…as some sort of mating strategy is normal – to say the least. And I am a prude for expressing such a statement????????? Perhaps this is all pedestrian in a bonobo society, but it certainly does not float my straight-laced boat. Perhaps you are so enlightened to reach that level of sexual LIBERATION!

  • tony cola

    This is just soft-core porn disguising as an ad for a product.
    I’d rather skip the mind games.
    At last it is presented without any pretense other that what it is.

  • Kelly

    Oh Leeroy. What a fine straw man you’ve built.

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