Apple’s and Samsung’s Water Proof Technology


Smartphones have become our partners – waking us up in morning, lending a hand in daily chores, office work, reminding us of important days – the devices have made us dependable on them. College graduation, baby being born, out on a holiday – for all of this you would want to update your friends through your social media accounts, which you can access anytime, anyplace with your smartphone.

With time smartphone has become an extended part of our body that we carry everywhere with us – even to the bathroom! My friend had to bear a great loss after his mobile slipped from his hands in a tub full of soap water, while he was taking a bath and texting simultaneously. Not only was the $500 phone was beyond repair, but he also lost his entire contact list and pictures of his fiancée saved inside the phone.

So what could be done to save our most valuable treasure from such disasters, while keeping our habits intact? The answer lies in the research and technological innovation of features of smartphones to protect our gadgets, especially smartphones in face of unforeseen disasters related to water. I think Apple and Samsung have heard our silent plea, as both the high tech companies are gearing up to introduce features which will help the users to protect their smartphones from water-based disasters.

For the moment let’s look at a feature developed precisely to safeguard gadgets from water disasters. HZO tech has developed a tool with the same name which will provide resistance against water, in case your device faces such dilemma. This tool contains a nano-scale barrier, which repels water from damaging the handsets – as tested during the manufacturing process. Later, this phenomenon was tested in front of hundreds of users. An iPhone coated with HZO tech was dunked in a tank of water several times at the Consumer Electronics Show. After the demonstration – which would have given a cardiac arrest to a gadget lover – the smartphone bear no signs of damage.

After this successful show of technology, the company is edging towards a deal with giant software and smartphone manufacturing companies. Well, Apple and Samsung have already showed interest in this tool, claims HZO tech.  The company spokesperson gloated that the Samsung Chairman was quite impressed when they gave the same demonstration with Samsung Galaxy S. HZO also performed the little ‘experiment’ with Motorola smartphone, giving the same results.

This has boosted up the confidence of HZO tech personnel – as now they dream big to provide their cutting edge, innovative technology to leading smartphone manufacturing companies. Apple and Samsung have plans to integrate this feature in their upcoming smartphone next year. HZO will be used in form of a film which will be applied to the smartphone during its manufacturing process, saving the hassle for users to add it after the purchase.

Therefore, my friend, and everyone else who is inseparable from their smartphone can carry their gadget anywhere – even into a swimming pool. So, what’s next in line – a fire resistant technology perhaps?

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Beth Janick has been pouring out all of her expertise, as a social media analyst and tech writer, into articles that keep her readers hooked. Her work with keylogger software and tracking app for the iPhone has gotten her a lot of attention of late.

Image source: Software2Tech