Crafty Online Resources for Handmade Holiday Gifts


When I was little, I made my dad this container using Popsicle sticks for Fathers’ Day, and on my last visit, I saw that he still uses it to house pens on his desk.  Although I wouldn’t pride myself on crafting such “hard-wearing goods” these days, I was kind of proud that he’d kept that, since I know of many a project that failed miserably.  Like the time I took a summer workshop in ceramics and came out with things that “got lost in the move.”

In following with my series on handmade holiday things, here are some resources for creating awesome and useful gifts.  And as a caveat: if you know how to knit, sew or do woodwork, that’s even better!  (And I also don’t think you need this particular blog post. )

Monogrammed Tray
HGTV has an online blog series of homemade gifts, but I really like this Monogrammed Tray the best, for which the instructions can surely be adapted for kids.  Especially when trays often get used for other things around the house, they’re both decorative and functional.

The Crafty Crow
This is a great site for all sorts of projects, and there’s even a big list of handmade gifts for kids to do!  My favourites from this list include calendar of kids’ artwork, hot sock, and coasters.  There’s also of list of handmade Christmas-themed gifts that kids can make in this SheKnows article.

This might require a starter kit and a bag of assorted beads (or several), but you never know who might have a talent for it. Also, jewellery-making kits can be like the gift that keeps on giving. Some great online resources include:,, and

Floppy Disk Planters
I know that you can make awesome fish tanks out of old computer monitors or Macs, but floppy disk planters seem like a handy way to use old disks that are just lying around!

A Beautiful Mess
There’s some skill required for these projects, but I like the chalkboard planters, hand painted pillows, and for the especially skilled, a DIY kitchenette for kids.  If I wasn’t a germophobe, I’d also totally go for DIY tea bags for loose leaf tea, which might be a great project for older kids.

Huffington Post Crafts
Surprisingly, the Huffpo has some really great ideas, though you probably need to scour through and more for inspiration than actually instruction when it comes to kid-friendly projects.  Either way, there’s some beautiful stuff here!

Of course, if you’re super-inclined, try sites like MarthaStewart or browse Pinterest / Etsy for more ideas!

Stay tuned for my next blog:  Online Resources for Edible Holiday Gifts!

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