Microloans to Change the World


Giving to charity can sometimes be difficult.  Often we feel caught that we don’t have anything to give, or can’t give enough.  As the infographic below says, we CAN change the world and make a huge impact in an individual’s life, by just giving $20; and there are plenty of online ways to do it.

Microloans have been around for a long time, over $40 years in fact, helping people escape poverty all around the world.  Women are now the biggest recipient of microloans, building businesses and strong communities.

Kiva.org, one of the best known microlending sites, allows the lender to keep an account, choose their recipient and track progress of their loan.  While the site has met with some controversy, the flow of money is undeniable.  In 2010, for their fifth anniversary, Kiva released a video infographic demonstrating the flow of money in their five year history.,  That’s a lot of people helped.

The infographic below demonstrates how microloans can help change a life.  Even if we only have a little to give, it is quite possibly more than some can imagine.

Image source:  Beckstreet

Infographic source:  Daily Infographic