Security Specialist Hoping to Build Cyberbullying Firewall


Ahmed Masud, a cyber security expert in Ottawa, is hoping to create a cyberbullying firewall to help prevent kids from receiving hurtful messages online. The CEO of Trustifier Inc. is currently working to raise the funds for the project he calls Hackers Against Cyber Bullies (HACBs).
Masud says recent cases of teen suicide have inspired him to beat the bullies by doing what he does best — building a security system.

“The cyberbullying is actually based in technology, and there has to be a technological component to its solution,” Masud said. “Technologists are not working towards solving this problem the way they should be, but this is basically an initiative to get the technologists into the mix.”

Masud has found a supporter in Jason Daley, who is the founder of a technology entrepreneurs group, Founder’s Alliance, in Ottawa.

“I believe that this will make an impact,” Daley said. “Now the tools are being retargeted to make a proper address on a social issue and come away with a solution that isn’t about making money, it’s about making good on something that’s long overdue.”

Masud is hoping to raise a total of $500,000 to fund the production of the cyberbullying firewall. He is currently taking donations on Indiegogo and still has a very long way to go.

The firewall’s technology will be able to detect instances of cyberbullying and will target the actual cyberbully, will notify a guardian attached to the account, and will block all other incoming messages from said bully.

I’m not sure that a firewall is the correct solution to cyberbullying, but it might not be such a bad idea for kids who have long suffered hateful messages online.

Do you think a cyberbullying firewall is a good idea?

Image source: The Gaily