Apps for Learning To Tell Time


With the first day of school just around the corner, now is a great time for young kids (preschoolers and kindergarten-level at your discretion) to learn how to tell time.  After all, it’s a good thing to know what time school starts, and what time it ends!

Here are some iPad apps that may help.

Tell Time – Little Matchups Game – free for iOS

Especially for being free, I think this app is wonderful with all its customization options.  Users basically match digital clock readings to analog ones, but with a toggle on/off option, audio hints are available for help.  The game doesn’t let you put down a wrong match, so there’s never really any reason to feel bad.  It might be a little repetitive after a while, but for kids learning, it’s a great way to gamify skill-building.

Freefall Time – free for iOS

Another free app, Freefall Time has a unique visual style that resembles bright, beautiful ink on watercolour paper.  Users select floating fish with times on them, then match them to clocks at the bottom of the screen.  Finishing rounds will earn users fish for their fish tanks, a section of the app that’s basically like an animated sticker collection.

Timmy’s Kindergarten Adventure – free to try for iOS, in-app or separate purchase of $1.99

This app is a little slow for my own personal liking, but if the lite version appeals to you, then I’d say spring for the $2 and buy the full one.  The background graphics aren’t quite my style, but I do like the animation on Timmy, and the pacing of solving problems to keep him moving forward.  In the lite version, there’s also a painting section, and users can mix and match colours to create new ones.  This app has been updated once already, so I’m curious to see what the next one will bring.

What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf? – Fun Time Learning & Telling Games for Kids – free to try for iOS, $1.99 in-app or separate purchase

The lite version of this app is pretty jazzy with its bold illustrations, so $1.99 might be a bargain price for some great edutainment.  Three of the activities involve setting a clock time (tricky because you have to consider morning/night), learning about time and duration (one minute equals 60 seconds), and sequencing for number order.

Mr. Wolf’s voice might get a little annoying after a while, but the upside is that at least it’s a real voiceover and not the speech robot used by so many apps that I’ve seen over the last week.

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