Who Are Our Real Influences?


When it comes to kids, we spend a lot of time worrying about the affect television and video games have on their malleable young minds.  It would seem though, it is the people closest to us that have the most power over decision making.

The infographic below takes a look at how people are influenced, albeit from a marketing standpoint.  If we take this a step further though, it is instructive on the behaviours our children in two ways.

First, we, their parents, are the closest people to our children.  Much of their behaviour is influenced by our own.  I once read of a mother who couldn’t get her children to eat vegetables.  After the mother began a healthy living transformation in her own life, including the regular consumption of vegetables, her children changed as well.  We need to remember that our reactions, conversations and interactions with everyone around us, informs our kids on how to behave in the world.  If we think they aren’t listening, we’re deluding ourselves.  Sometimes it is helpful to take a long look at our own behaviours before wondering where the kiddies get their’s from.

Second, we need to look at our kids online interactions.  Follow them on Facebook and talk to them about what’s going on in their lives.  Their friends and social media acquaintances will become as, if not more, influential for a time.

Take a look at the data below.  Who are you influenced by?

Image Source: Freegifts4kids

Infographic Source: Mashable