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Today marks the posting of our 1000th blog here on Since we’ve been around awhile, we wanted to mark this milestone by taking a look back at some of our biggest stories, and more interesting reads. In the end though, it all comes down to you, our faithful readers, for making this something we can celebrate! Thank you for coming back everyday, for sharing what we say and for all your valuable input. We can’t wait to see what the next 1000 blogs bring!

Top Stories:
Trying to pick our top stories is not a difficult task. The stories featured below are just some of our highest viewed. Since we couldn’t list them all, here are the highlights:

Kids: Then and Now, an Infographic
Every generation of parents worries about how much the world has changed since they were a teen and how their kids are fairing in what are drastically different times.  Sometimes, direct comparison is a great measure of where things stand.

Homemade Rainy Day Film Festivals – Part 3
If you’re new to this series of posts, I’ve been offering steps, craft ideas and playlists for creating your own Film Festival at home, using online videos from the National Film Board (NFB). To catch up on the series, check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Facebook Launches Verified Accounts Like Twitter
If you’re a very special person, or an online A-lister, you may soon be invited by Facebook to ‘verify’ your account. Which is nothing new for Twitter or Google+, but is for the blue and white website we’re all so well acquainted with.

Sharon O’Brien Facebook Pic Goes Viral
Every so often it seems as though a random person, almost always a young woman in her teens, is chosen for extremely brief online superstardom. The latest viral celebrity/victim is named Sharon O’Brien.

Nova Scotia Introduces Cyberbullying Task Force
The Nova Scotian government recently announced their plans for a Cyberbullying Task Force. Education Minister, Ramona Jennex, said the move to address cyberbullying is due to two recent teen suicides which were said to be, in part, the result of online bullying.


Memorable Moments
Sometimes, having a blog like Kiwi Commons means we get access to stories and people that others might not. Below are some of the more memorable moments we’ve been lucky enough to experience.

Jessie’s Story: The Darker Side of Social Media
Jessie Walkup is a woman in her early 20’s living in Bellevue, Kentucky. An avid social media user, Jessie enjoys catching up with friends on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

This was a story we followed through right to the end. We didn’t countless hours of research, phone calls, and outreach to get a hate page on Facebook removed. In the end we were successful, but it was one heck of a ride to get there! Check out the whole story: The Jessie Walkup Story: UPDATE; The Jessie Walkup Story: Closure; Full Disclosure: How Kiwi Helped Take Down an Online Hate Page.

Social Media Week Toronto, 2012
This past year, we were proud to participate in SMWTO with not one, but two events:

Kiwi Commons Hosting Digital Legacy Panel at SMWTO
Kiwi Commons works hard every day to bring parents, teachers and children alike the most relevant and up-to-date Internet and technology information. Today, we are excited to be taking our message to a new group through Social Media Week Toronto.

Kiwi Commons Hosting Social Good Panel at SMWTO
P2P is a panel discussion on on using social media to create positive change. Social media has made a shift to person2person, creating a massive awakening of online humanitarian work. This particular discussion will focus on how simply paying attention to a person’s tweet or Facebook status update can spark the type of fire that can change a single life for the better.

Kiwi Joins Forces with Generation Text Online Founder Jill Brown
Generation Text Online is proud to announce that with the collaboration of Kiwi Seminars of Toronto, Canada, Michael Kee from Keeframe Productions of Ontario, Canada, Paul O’Connor of The Actors Camp in Mountainside, NJ and the teenage actors and actresses from around northern and central NJ, we spent the first part of July filming and producing: Developing a 21st Century Student…Bullying, Cyberbullying and Positive School Climate, Volume 1.


Our Contributors
At this time, we would love to acknowledge the people who bring us the stories for our blog. Without them, we quite literally would never have reached 1000!

Kiwi has been very fortunate to continually work with the following bloggers and writers:

Rosemina Nazarali (@RoseminaN), Howie Hershorn (@scantygeoduck), Deborah Chantson (@DebChantson), Jeannette Paule (@JeannettePaule), Molly Clayton, Jill Brown, Kimberly Smith (@Bound4Hvn), The Online Mom (@TheOnlineMom), The Digital Sheepdog (@crimefighterguy) and Amy DeCorte (@amydecorte).

We would also like to thank our wonderful experts that continue to offer insight, wisdom and experience to our website. They are: Doreen Nicastro, Dr. Andie, Dr. Karen Rayne, and the ever popular Kevin Roberts. To read more about everyone, please visit our Experts page.

As a final note, I personally just want to thank everyone for making Kiwi Commons such a success. I’ve been able to meet such terrific people through my time here. You have offered invaluable opinions and knowledge as well as a unique voice for technology, education, and Internet safety.

There is a community of people out there that truly want to make the Internet a safe and enjoyable place for everyone to use. It’s because of this community that we are making a difference and protecting our children online more than we ever have before. Thank you for all your efforts and I appreciate each and every one of you! Congratulations Kiwi!

– Amy DeCorte, President, Kiwi Seminars for Internet Safety Inc.


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