August Declared as Connected Educator Month


How exciting to have August declared as Connected Educator Month!

I have some very simple ideas I would like to connect with educators about. I have a 21st century style of teaching. My subject? Character Education. I believe that kids still need this education long after middle school (which in most school districts I work in, 6th or 7th grade is usually the last year where this type of education is focused on.)

I believe that we need to talk with kids about what goes on in their lives specifically. I believe my job is to listen. When I hear a situation that needs some education or lessons, I find that sharing a personal story or how I would handle the situation is the best way to teach this generation of teens. With that said, I would like to draw on your experiences and advice. I am creating posters that will use this 21st century method of teaching.

So here is what I would like to connect with you on. If you hear a student tell another student “You are so stupid”, what would be your lesson?

Thanks for your advice and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Jill Brown
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Image source: 21st Century Collaborative