News Corp and AT&T To Release Educational Tablet


News Corp., best known for their media channels, is entering the digital education market in a partnership with AT&T. They will be releasing a 4G educational tablet called Amplify.

Amplify wants to take on the entire K-12 arena by reinventing what students already know in a technological space. Specifically, the tablet is targeting three areas of education — curriculum design, distribution of resources and mobile assessment.

“The strategy of Amplify is to fundamentally change the way we think about delivering education in the K-12 space,” said Joel Klein, CEO of Amplify.

The idea behind the tablet is to give students a customizable learning experience through digital means, while also encouraging educators to base curriculum off of interactive learning. Amplify is also developing their own digital curricula in English Language Arts, Science and Math.

“It is our aim to amplify the power of digital innovation to transform teaching and learning and to help schools deliver fundamentally better experiences and results,” Klein continued. “Amplify will introduce new products in a thoughtful way, so that technology can finally live up to its promise to advance learning and augment teaching for students, teachers and parents.”

Amplify is also working closely with Wireless Generation, a mobile assessment tool that allows teachers to evaluate students on the go.

Amplify will be rolled out to schools in the upcoming school year for a pilot run, with 4G connection, tablets and technical services being provided by AT&T.

Klein will be discussing the Amplify project at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco in September.

Image Source: Engadget