181 Google Tricks That Will Save You Time in School: The Final Chapter


We’ve really enjoyed bringing you this series on tips and tricks to save you time in school by using Google. Taking a little bit of time to read this blog could save you those critical hours of time when you are trying to study. We’d love to hear your feedback, tips, and suggestions!

Google Books

Access school books online, do your research, and save a trip to the library with these tricks and more.

  1. Save books as a PDF: Take books that would normally be online-only and save them as a PDF so that you can read them anytime, anywhere.

  1. Find author and book information: If you need quick info, like the author of a certain book, or when it was published, do a Google Books search to find detailed into on authors and titles.

  1. Read public domain books: Search for classic books, then select “Books” in the left panel of your search results to find free copies of public domain books.

  1. Search the full text of books: On Google Books, you can search the full text of thousands of books.

  1. Make your own library: Add books to your shared library on Google Books to keep them organized for your classes or projects.

  1. Find books at your own library: Check out links on Google Books that allow you to check the availability of titles in real life libraries.

  1. Check out Advanced Book Search: Take things to the next level with detailed book search options.

  1. Find textbooks online: Thanks to Google Books, you can even access selected textbooks online.

  1. Find magazine content: In Advanced Book Search, you can find information in magazines, too.

  1. Check out the blog: Find out the latest in the Google Books world with the Inside Google Books blog.

  1. Find supplements for your assigned texts: Go to the next level, and find books in the subjects you’re studying in school.

Google Voice

Google Voice makes it easy to streamline your phone experience, and even eliminate a few pesky distractions.

  1. Use Google Voice as your phone number: Avoid pesky solicitor phone calls and use voicemail transcription to take the time suck out of using your phone.

  1. Put voicemails in a special label: Set up a label for all emails that come from voice-noreply@google.com.

  1. Set up a “do not disturb” time: Determine a time when you really need to get things done, set up “do not disturb” on Google Voice, and all your calls will go to voicemail.

  1. Block nuisance calls: Kill productivity-busting sales calls by blocking them. Google Voice will set up a disconnection message for callers that you’ve blocked.

  1. Record calls: If you’re doing research interviews, this is a really handy time saver. Use Google Voice to record calls, and you can go back to them later.

Handy Google Services and Apps

Here you’ll find even more ways to save time with Google, using services like Google SketchUp, Talk, and Translate.

  1. Install a search box on your browser: Using Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, you can add a search box for Google onto your browser.

  1. Google Alerts: Stay on top of news stories and research projects with Google Alerts, a service that will send you emails with new search results for your terms.

  1. Google SketchUp: Draw 3D figures for free online using Google’s SketchUp service.

  1. Google Talk: Chat with family, friends, classmates, and professors on your desktop and more with this service.

  1. Google Images: With Google’s Image search, you can find loads of high-quality images.

  1. Google Translate: Using Google Translate, you can get foreign words translated lightning fast.

  1. Google Finance: Use Google Finance to stay on top of markets, news, and more.

  1. Google Toolbar: With the Google Toolbar, you can get easy access to all sorts of Google tools right in your browser.

  1. Picasa: Manage, edit, and share your photos online with this Google photo manager.

  1. Google Fusion Tables: With Google’s Fusion Tables, you can share and discuss your data online.

  1. Blogger: Using Blogger, you can create a project blog, share your experiences, and keep up with family and friends.

I hope you enjoyed this series and we look forward to hearing your input!

This is a guest blog series submitted by Jasmine Hall with OnlineColleges.net.