181 Google Tricks That Will Save You Time in School: Part 5


So you’ve been reading our series over the past four weeks, where we have been listing all kinds of tips and tricks to save you time in school. Part five looks at Chrome and its extensions. What time saving tips do you have?

Google Chrome Tips and Extensions

With this awesome Google browser, you can maximize your time using tricks, extensions, and really cool ideas.

  1. Snippy: You can snip out web content and save it for later in Google Docs thanks to Snippy.

  1. Set your startup pages: If you rush to Gmail, Facebook, and specific research sites on startup, change your settings to open them up automatically each time you start Chrome.

  1. Stay Focusd: Use this extension to help curb your Facebook addiction, blocking out websites that you tend to waste time on.

  1. Note Anywhere: Use Note Anywhere to scribble notes anywhere online, even Wikipedia.

  1. Web2PDFConverter: PDFs are so prevalent in higher education, so keep this converter handy in case you need to save and distribute a web page as a PDF.

  1. Read Later Fast: Save research links and check them out later with the Read Later Fast Chrome extension.

  1. RemindMe: Stay on task with RemindMe, a great app for getting reminders, tasks, and more.

  1. GradeGuru Citation Manager: Organize your references and citation online using GradeGuru’s Chrome extension.

  1. Session Manager: Save a certain group of tabs open only for specific tasks, and keep them all handy and separate with the Session Manager extension for Google Chrome.

  1. myHomework: Using this Chrome extension, your can organize projects, classes, and homework so that you remember all of your important assignments.

  1. Session Buddy: Keep your session safe, no matter where you access Google Chrome with Session Buddy, an extension that saves your tabs to export and use later.

  1. Put your favorite sites on your desktop: Create a shortcut on your desktop to see an icon for your favorite website.

  1. Auto Copy: Make copying text just a tiny bit faster with this extension that automatically copies text to the clipboard when you select a block of it.

  1. Cacoo: With Cacoo, you can create diagrams collaboratively, right in your Google Chrome browser.

  1. Google Mail Checker: Keep an eye on your Gmail without having to manually check in throughout the day by using Google Mail Checker, an extension that will show your unread Gmail messages on Chrome.

  1. Split Screen: This extension is especially helpful when you’re researching over a variety of different websites.

  1. Use Chrome’s Omnibox as a calculator: Just like you can use Google Search as a calculator, you can do calculations in Chrome’s Omnibox.

  1. Desmos Graphing Calculator: Make Google Chrome’s calculator even better with this graphing calculator extension.

  1. Copy Without Formatting: Copy plain text using this Chrome extension, and you can avoid messing up your documents with pre-determined formatting.

  1. DayHiker: Check your schedule, tasks, and even set an alarm clock with this calendar extension for Google Chrome.

  1. Set up AutoFill: If you’re sick of typing your name, address, and phone number over and over again, set up your AutoFill option to fill it in for you.

  1. Brizzly: If you’re going to check Facebook and Twitter when you’re supposed to be studying, at least keep things simple. Use Brizzly, a reader extension that streamlines your browsing and updating.

  1. Create a favicon bookmark bar: Set up links on your bookmarks bar, and delete their names so that Chrome will simply display them by favicon, saving room and leaving more space for even more links.

  1. FastestChrome: Supercharge your Chrome experience by installing FastestChrome, an extension that adds Wikipedia articles to your browser, finds definitions instantly, and makes searching more convenient.

  1. Sync your Chrome settings: If you use Chrome on multiple computers, like the library, computer lab, and your dorm, you can keep your settings by syncing them to your Google account.

  1. TooManyTabs: If you’re prone to opening way too many tabs in Chrome, use this app to organize them all into a manageable format.

  1. Control multiple tabs with Pin Tab: Using a Pin Tab, you can minimize tabs into a small icon.

  1. Use Paste and Search and Paste and Go: Use these features to save steps when searching and navigating.

  1. Reopen closed tabs: Whoops! Fix an accidentally closed tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T.

  1. Keep things private: Use incognito mode to operate without any history or cookies on your browser.

  1. Make use of the bookmarks manager: Use Chrome’s built-in bookmarks manager to organize, rearrange, find, and add folders for your bookmarks.

  1. ChromePass: Use ChromePass, and you can list all of your stored Chrome password information.

  1. Chrome Mailer: With ChromeMailer, you can get support for the mailto: function on Google Chrome.

  1. Google Chrome Backup: Back it up! Keep all of your bookmarks and personal data safe and secure with this tool.

Stay tuned for part six next week!

This is a guest blog series submitted by Jasmine Hall with OnlineColleges.net.