Meghan Tonjes Sets The Record Straight: Yes I’m Fat!

Social Media

Singer, songwriter and vlogger, Meghan Tonjes, has recently been showing up in my newsfeed on Facebook. It’s not because of her catchy lyrics from her video ‘This Year’, and it’s not even because of her other inspiring channel Project Lifesize. No. Meghan is sparking interest after she posted a response video after someone commented on a video, calling her fat!

This fabulously confident and talented dynamo not only owns up to her weight challenges, but also sets the record straight that she is proud of who she is and people really need to grow up and stop judging others on their appearance. “You never know where they are on their journey,” states Meghan. It’s a powerful and positive message for many people trying to find their own voice online.

Watch the video and tell us what you think:

If you’re interested in seeing more of Meghan, be sure to check out her personal YouTube Channel, Project Lifesize, or even visit her Twitter feed!