Facebook Changes Default User Email Addresses

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Facebook has its users up in arms over its latest change, which includes switching default email address to one that ends in @facebook.com — without actually telling anyone. Facebook launched their email service a while back and synced it with their Timeline feature. The social network’s latest move is an attempt to increase @facebook.com usage and to keep a sense of consistency across the website.

Each Facbeook user has now been assigned a new @facebook.com address, while their original email contact has been hidden on the site’s database. When friends want to email each other, they are sent instead to the Facebook Messages inbox, keeping Facebook users lingering on the social network for longer periods of time and with yet another way of communicating with online friends.

“Ever since the launch of Timeline, people have had the ability to control what posts they want to show or hide on their own timelines, and today we’re extending that to other information they post, starting with the Facebook address,” Facebook spokeswoman Jillian Stefanki said.

However, users can easily switch their email contact back to their original address.

To switch your email address contact on Facebook:
1. Click on your Profile
2. Click on ‘About’
3. Scroll to the ‘Contact Info’ box and click on ‘Edit’ in the right corner
4. To the right of each email address listed, there will be two icons. On the email address you wish to be visible on your timeline, click on the second icon, then click on ‘Shown on Timeline.’
5. If you no longer want your @facebook.com email to be visible, click on the second icon. Then click ‘Hidden from Timeline.’

Note: You also have the option to make certain email addresses visible to specific groups or friends.

Image Source: Webnotations