Facebook diversifying from social networks to mobile app development

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Everyday now, users of smart phones and people in the cell phone industry are being bombarded with new flashy apps that are designed to make even the simplest of tasks like making a list even simpler. What’s more is that the new apps now being launched are not specific to one platform but in fact to maximize profits, developers are tweaking their new creations to run on all available platforms, and hence gaining the largest consumer base possible.

Today it isn’t just developers who are manufacturing apps, but even other firms such as Twitter are joining in and forwarding their very own apps. Something to notice is the amount of influence these apps have from things such as mobile spies and other spy software. As Twitter has already taken its first few steps into application development for mobiles it is only reasonable for other big names from the Internet to follow the same path.

Recently Facebook made a move for itself, with the purchase of Instagram. A big move it was, the price paid is listed at one billion dollars, though a small price for the social network pioneer to pay to make its space in the mobile app market. Facebook has more plans to implement and is not stopping with the buy out of Instagram, in fact Glancee; another popular app is also being purchased by Facebook though the price for this take over has not yet been published.

Glancee itself is an app with which one can locate friends and other people one may know with in their current vicinity. This sort of app is known as a discovery app and now with Facebook having purchased Glancee it is most likely that you will be able to see which of your Facebook friends are near your location. Friends are not the only people you can see rather Glancee also lets you see people around you who have similar interests, and likewise you are also shown if someone with similar interests as yours is using Glancee. The app also acts as a medium of communication as once you have located your friend or someone else with similar interest near yourself you can also share more information with them through Glancee. According to the developers of Glancee, the point was to let people see and connect with the many people around them, who are otherwise hidden, if you are not aware of their interests and various other such details.

Via Glancee you can to quite an extent behave like a spy, by finding out about people around you without them knowing, gauging whether or not you should have a chat with them either through the app or in person. Initially Glancee will show you a list of users around you who are also making use of the same app. once identified Glancee will go ahead and use your Facebook profile as a base measurement to compare and calculate which of the identified users have similar interests as yourself, based on likes and interests. Once that has been sorted, the findings, which will be a filtered list of users can be added to the app as a ‘favorite’ user with whom you can converse with through Glancee, and of course also meet in person later if you wish to do so.

Though, since the take over of Glancee by Facebook, the app is no longer available in Android’s app market or Apple’s app store. This makes it evident that Facebook will be re-launching the app after they are done customizing it, and Facebook users can estimate the extent to which its privacy settings will also be modified.

Author Bio: Beth Janick’s infatuation with spy software for mobile phone technology, gizmos and gadgets goes back a decade. Her pieces are funfair of information for her readers on what’s new and what’s hot.

Image Source: Techinbits