Facebook to Join the Smartphone Market Next Year

Social Media

Perhaps in an attempt to own our souls and take over the world, the very popular social networking website, Facebook, is working on getting their very own, über social media savvy, smartphone on the market as early as next year.

According to Facebook, more than 500 million users accessed the social media website through their mobile phones in April. So it only makes sense that they would want a piece of the mobile action for themselves.

Apparently, the company has already begun the hiring process and has gotten six former Apple employees who worked on the iPhone and iPad on board of their new project.

Wanting to keep things under wraps, Facebook refuses to confirm or deny the rumors, that apparently came straight from the mouths of anonymous Facebook employees. However, the news is quite believable, especially since Facebook only just went public. They need something new to play with.

“Mark is worried that if he doesn’t create a mobile phone in the near future that Facebook will simply become an app on other mobile platforms,” a Facebook employee said.

But is a Facebook smartphone really necessary?

No, it really isn’t.

“I question whether Facebook needs to make its own hardware. Google needed to extend search across mobile devices with Android, whereas Facebook already has a huge amount of engagements on mobile,” said Geoff Blaber, a leader in mobile device software research at CCS Insight.

Other analysts also question the need for a Facebook smartphone simply because the social media website is already so accessible through the smartphones that are currently available.

Personally, I don’t see a need for a Facebook smartphone either, but just because there isn’t a ‘need’ for it, doesn’t mean loyal Facebook users won’t flock toward a phone that will only make it that much easier to send a status update to their online friends. What a Facebook smartphone does mean, however, is that there will be another tool that will give kids and teens easy access to online friends they may or may not know online, as well as a slew of mobile and Internet safety concerns.

Would you buy the Facebook smartphone?



Image Source: InTheMoment