Rise of the E-Book


Lots of times we sound alarm with regards to technology and learning.  “The latest technology with all of it’s easy functions and connectivity will bring the end of reading, writing, science (insert your own favourite here.)”  This very alarm has been sounded for tablets and how they will bring the end of reading, but the facts are turning out very differently.

Some of the latest information, in the infographic below, shows that adults with tablets and e-readers actually read more than their counterparts with paper copies.  They are also more likely to purchase their books than borrow them.

The instances of when people read e-books v.s. paper books vary though.   Seventy three percent of Americans say they use a reader while commuting or travelling, while eighty one percent prefer paper books when reading with a child.

What about children?  While these statistics are for adults.  I can only relay from personal experience, it is about the standards you set for children.  My one and a half year old says, “Reeeeead,” when she sees our device – but interactive children’s books are her predominant use of the technology.  We also read copious paper books throughout the day and she is becoming avid book lover, in any form.

Take a look at the infographic below.




Image Source: WordStream

Infographic Source: Amazonaws

Original Infographic Source: OnlineUniversities.com