What Can A Creeper See On Your Facebook Timeline Page

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Although the feedback from the more than 65,000 students that I have presented to is that they really don’t like the new Facebook Timeline, one cool feature of this new product is the ability of the user to see exactly how your Facebook Timeline and personal information appears to others. You can essentially proxy in as a stranger, or anyone with whom you’re friends with, to see what they see on your TImeline page utilizing the “view as” button.

Step One:

On your Timeline home page, look for the cog icon, located on the left side of your page and just under the wide banner picture and just to the right of the “Activity Log” box. Click on the arrow.  Next click on “View As.”

Step Two:

After you click the “View As” link it will take you to this box that will appear at the top of the page:

Step Three:

Click on the blue “public” hyperlink at which time you will be able to see what information the general public (or a creeper) can see on your Timeline page

Step Four:

If you want to see what a specific friend can see on your Timeline, then just enter their name in the “Enter a friend’s name” box in the bottom left and hit enter.

Step Five:

When you are ready to navigate back to your Timeline page (in most cases because you now need to change your privacy settings), click the “Back to Timeline” button located in the bottom right.

The above noted five steps are an excellent way for a Facebook Timeline user/owner to check what information on their page is viewable by those who are unknown to the owner (like a creeper) and to your friends as well.  If you need to make changes to your “Privacy Settings” to hide your personal information, here is a link that can help:

How to set up Privacy Settings in Facebook Timeline

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Image Source: Mashable