Angry Birds Fights Bullying With Secret Level


Game developer, Rovio, is teaming up with MTV’s A Thin Line to help fight cyberbullying. Players of Angry Birds Space can unlock a secret Golden Egg level by showing their support to the anti-bullying campaign.
“We know how big the game has become and the ways people are engaging with it,” said Jason Rzepka, the VP of Public Affairs for MTV. “We saw this as a place we could really connect with young people.”

Players will receive a hint for the secret level when they post a positive action of MTV’s Draw Your Line app, which can include taking a pledge to help stop cyberbullying when you witness it, or sharing the A Thin Line message with friends online — anything that shows you are dedicated to fighting against digital abuse.

The joint campaign with Angry Birds Space and MTV begins today, March 22, the same day the game launches. In addition to the hidden level, MTV will be running a Public Service Announcement (PSA) with the Angry Birds, which will run on a variety of their channels.

“The idea [behind the PSA] is that if you intervene and come to the aid of someone being bullied, that behavior will stop,” Rzepka said.

For more information about Angry Birds’ partnership with MTV, click here. Angry Birds Space will be available on Android, iOS and PC on March 22.



Image Source: MoreSay