20 Cases Solved By Using Facebook

Internet Safety

As we’ve reported previously, Facebook is increasingly being used by law enforcement and criminals alike. Young gang members are using this platform to communicate when an unlawful act has been committed or to announce meeting times for their activities. Whereas FBI agents, as well as local law enforcement, are closely monitoring them, to try and get ahead of them.

Below is an infographic of 20 cases that were able to be solved simply by using Facebook. Although some of these case involve pranks and air conditioner theft, others show the importance of needing to be safe about your personal information and who you trust online.

This could be a great resource to have on hand the next time you’re thinking of posting about an “exotic” meal you’re enjoying, or “poking” someone who has a restraining order against you. It can also serve as a reminder to everyone that not everything you do in your offline life needs to be posted on Facebook. Always think before you post. You never know who might be monitoring your profile.

Original Infographic Source: CriminalJusticeDegreesGuide.com