The Truth About Facebook Depression: Infographic

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“Facebook Depression” is a term that’s been bantered about in the media for the past year. It started with a flawed clinical report in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics in April of 2011, claiming teens who spend too much time on Facebook will become depressed.
The a co-author of the article even stated that, “Facebook is really a magnifier. You’re not going to catch something on Facebook, but Facebook tends to amplify any of our insecurities or anything we’re feeling good about.” A great article from Kiwi Commons on the subject can be found here.

There is always ongoing research in many places with regards to the affects Facebook is having on the lives of the 400 million people who check the social networking site daily. What we do know, is Facebook can tell us a great deal about how we interact with technology and about ourselves.

The secondary, title for this infographic is far more appropriate: “How we use Facebook to share our thoughts, feelings and personal interests”

For instance, time of day affects how positive or negative status updates tend to be. The number of friends a person has influences their choice of language. Teens and adults use different language when expressing their emotions.


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Image source: Tecca