Michigan Man Walks to End Bullying


A man from Michigan has embarked on a 50 mile walk to put a stop to bullying. He began his journey on Monday and is expected to reach his destination this afternoon, where he hopes to speak with Governor Rick Snyder about implementing the anti-bullying legislation.

“I want to discuss more anti-bullying legislation,” Bobby Holley, the man on a mission said “This is a walk to promote the government to create more legislation and so that the schools enforce it and to increase visibility of the problem.”

Holley said the problem is only getting worse and something needs to be done to stop the constant harassment.

“It is sweeping the country and there is a lot of hazing and bullying going on,” he said. “Kids are making nasty remarks on cell phones or when they text someone.”

Part of the problem, Holley says, is that schools are not addressing the issue of bullying in the classroom — a problem he hopes to put a stop to.

He also admitted that he was bullied as a child growing up in Michigan, but said it never affected him in a negative way.

“I was the kind of person who was fast on my feet so I ran from it.”

In addition to meeting with Governor Snyder, Holley also wants to discuss the issue with Senator Mike Nofs and State Representative Kate Segal.

Holley was expected to meet with Governor Snyder at 1pm today. Hopefully, his anti-bullying message was heard loud and clear.




Image source: MLive