Top 10 Kiwi Stories of 2011 — Part 2

Kiwi News

Today we continue our countdown of the biggest stories of 2011. From cyberbullying to fun tech ideas, check out the remaining top 5 stories below!

5. South Korea Implements Online Gaming Curfew

South Korea found themselves in the news quite a bit in the last year, for the country’s evident gaming addiction problem. South Korea wanted to help end the addiction epidemic and put young gamers under a curfew that disallowed them from playing video games after midnight.

4. Go Geeky this Halloween with Tech Inspired Pumpkin Carvings

Halloween pumpkin carvings have come a long way since the usual sculptures of scary faces, ghouls and goblins. Nowadays, people want to show off their interests and get a bit more creative when it comes to their Halloween carvings, and so, naturally, many were inspired by their favorite gadgets.

3. Why is Amber Cole Trending?

The day the name “Amber Cole” started trending worldwide on Twitter, the Kiwi Commons team got their investigative hats on and did a little research on who Amber Cole is and why everyone was talking about her. It turns out Cole is a teenager who was caught in a compromising position on video, media that was then posted to the Internet and had everyone talking.

2. Nova Scotia Introduces Cyberbullying Task Force

In the spring of 2011, Nova Scotia announced they would be introducing their very own cyberbullying task force. After two teen suicides, that were allegedly due to bullying, the province’s Education Minister felt the subject had to be addressed on a higher level.

1. Sharon O’Brien Facebook Pic Goes Viral

Just last month, a Facebook page was made under the name Sharon O’Brien and featured pictures of a scantily clad teenage girl. The Internet blew up with both comments of anger that these pictures were posted, and people who supported the young girl who was just “being a kid.” We still don’t know if Sharon O’Brien is a real person, or if the page was a hoax.