Social Media Rallies Egyptian Women Against Violent Oppression

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Social Media Rallies Egyptian Women Against Violent Oppression

According to CNN reporter Isobel Coleman, the Egyptian revolution has a powerful new image. “It’s the Egyptian flag, but the eagle in the middle has been replaced by a simple blue bra. The image refers to the recent, savage beating of an abaya-clad female protester by Egyptian military forces.”

This is a tricky time to be evil. Social media and smart phone technology have made it extremely difficult for corrupt patriarchal governments around the world to abuse and exploit their female citizens.

At one time, not so long ago, it was relatively easy for immoral governments to deny women their basic human rights. After all, newspaper stories have only so much visceral impact.

Viral events have become the game-changer for dictators and their brutal police forces. Shocking photographs and video can now spread around the world in an instant, via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

This is what inspired the Egyptian revolution’s new blue bra image, “Graphic videos of the beating, captured on phones and uploaded to YouTube and Facebook, have quickly proliferated. They show a limp woman being dragged by her arms along the street,” writes Isobel Coleman.

According to CNN, the struggle continues, “Thousands of people joined the march through Cairo on Tuesday, many of them taking to the streets for the first time in outrage. Organizers of the march used the hashtag #BlueBra on Twitter to encourage people to join them.”

Of course, not everyone is coming from a place of empathy. Ignorance and a fear of powerful women exist on the Internet as well, “Bloggers and tweeters offered negative comments on the blue bra girl–criticizing her for being out in public protesting in the first place and accusing her of being provocative for not wearing more clothes under her abaya.”

Social media is clearly changing the world we live in. Not only can we discover what’s on the mind of Ashton Kutcher at any time of day via Twitter, we can also experience on a much more intimate level the horrific abuse powerless people suffer at the hands of their ‘leaders’.

Based on the success of the Arab Spring and Occupy movements in recent months, this could be a very positive trend for human beings, of either gender, all around the world.

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Image: SF Examiner