About Kiwi

Kiwi Commons is a late-breaking news, guides and information weblog dedicated to providing readers with the most relevant and up-to-date resources available on youth Internet safety.

Kiwi provides readers with a broad range of thoughts and opinions from various experts, including our own Kiwi Expert Panel, to real life stories of the youth affected by these new challenges like sexting, scams, cyberbullying and predators.

  • Our Mission

    To provide the best Internet safety resources for parents, educators and youth workers across North America. To encourage proactive strategies for youth and online safety through education, discussion and community building.

  • Our Vision

    To foster responsible web use by cultivating a strong foundation for open dialogue between youth and adults.

On Kiwi Commons you will find specific resources for:

  • Parents

    Guides and articles on how to talk to your kids about Internet safety

  • Teachers

    Resources, articles & media for in the classroom

  • Youths

    Easy, step-by-step instructions on how to stay safe online

How was Kiwi Founded?

Kiwi Commons was founded in July 2008 by Bill Madden. Bill has over 10 years of experience as a Vice Principal with the North York Board of Education, and over 6 years experience as a Teacher and Department Head.

As a concerned parent with a passion for education, Bill created Kiwi Commons to address Internet safety concerns in the current educational system.

Bill also founded Thor College in 1980. Thor College is a traditional, independent, co-educational facility with students from pre-kindergarten to university entrance level Grade 12. He is still an active member of Thor College today as Director, and is highly involved in several educational committees, including serving as the first president of the Headmaster’s Association, Chairman of the North York Secondary/CAAT Liaison Advisory Committee and President of the North York Vice Principals Association.

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